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Name of tour : Independent excursion of Istanbul and Cappadocia
Code of tour : Cap402
Duration : 14 Days
          Day 1 : Arrival in Istanbul
          You will arrive in Istanbul and go to your hotel. The rest of the day you are free to start exploring the city.

          Day 2 : Istanbul - Cappadocia
          During the day you will have time to visit different parts of Istanbul. At 18:00 your bus to Cappadocia will depart. This night bus will take approx. 10 hours to reach its destination.

          Day 3 : Çavuşin - Zelve - Çavuşin
          You will stay at a pension in the small village of Çavuşin. Here you will be given all the necessary information needed for your stay in the area (including walking maps). Departing on foot from Çavusin you will walk to the open air museum in Zelve. The walk will lead you through one of the most beautiful valleys of the area: the valley of the fairy chimneys. You will return to Çavusin by the Pasabağ. The night is spent at the pension. (4 to 5 hours walking)

          Day 4: Red Valley - Rose Valley
          This day will be devoted to discovering the Red and Rose Valleys . Both are strewn with astonishing troglodyte churches and monasteries dug into the rock. The night is spent at the pension in Çavusin. (5 to 7 hours walking)

          Day 5: White Valley - Uchisar - Göreme
          By way of the White Valley you will walk to the village of Uchisar. Afterwards you will continue walking to Göreme through Pigeon Valley. In Göreme you can visit the Open Air Museum before returning to the pension in Çavusin. (4 to 5 hours walking)

          Day 6: Ihlara Valley
          In the morning you will be taken to Ihlara Valley by minibus. On the way you'll visit the underground city of Derinkuyu. The Ihlara Valley is situated in a canyon where the Melendiz River flows through. While walking through this valley you will be able to visit the troglodyte churches that have been dug out of the canyon walls and are decorated with frescoes. At the end of the day you will return by minibus to Çavuşin where you will spend the night at the pension. (4 to 5 hours walking)

          Day 7 : Kavak - Bahceli - Ayvali - Golgolü - Sinasos
          In the morning you will leave for the small village of Kavak by minibus. After visiting the village you will walk to Bahceli village, Ayvali and the Golgolu mound. At the end of the afternoon you will arrive at the old greek village of Sinasos where you will spend the night at a pension. (5 to 6 hours walking)

          Day 8 : Güzelöz - Soğanli Valley - Sinasos
          Today you will be taken by minibus to the village of Cemil where you will be able to visit the Keslik monastery. From here you will go to Güzelöz village from where you will walk to Soğanlı village. The minibus will pick you up here to take you back to your pension in Sinasos. (3 to 4 hours walking)

          Day 9 : Gomede - Uzengi - Ortahisar -Çavuşin
          You will be taken to Gomede Valley in the morning. After visiting the churches here you will walk through Üzengi Valley that contains countless multi-storied pigeon houses. The hike continues to the village of Ortahisar and then across the mound of Zindanönü to Çavuşin. The night is spent in the pension in Çavuşin. (4 to 5 hours walking)

          Day 10 : Cat Valley - Aciksaray
          You will be taken by minibus to Çat Valley. This valley was only recently discovered. It contains numerous pigeon houses and rock-cut churches. You will travel back to the pension in Çavuşin by minibus for the night. (4 hours walking)

          Day 11 : Free day - departure for Istanbul
          You have a free day today. At 18:00 your night bus will depart for Istanbul.

          Day 12 : Istanbul
          After checking in at your hotel you will be able to spend some more time in the city.

          Day 13 : Istanbul
          You are free to visit Istanbul.

          Day 14 : Departure
          Additional information
Period: April to the end of October.
Circuit: Easy level, from 12 years.
Accommodation: 13 nights pension / hotel
Note: The first and last day of the program can change according to weather conditions.
          What you must bring
* Walking shoes (preferably not too new to avoid blisters etc.)
* A second pair of comfortable shoes
* A small bag for the daytime treks
* A water bottle
* Sunglasses, suntan lotion and a hat
* Sleeping bag
* Warm clothing for in the evening
* A flashlight
* Toilet bag and towel
* Watertight coat
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