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Name of tour : Discover Cappadocia and the Toros Mountains by Joelette
Code of tour : Cap302
Duration : 14 Days
          Day 1 : Arrival in Cappadocia
          One of our guides will be waiting to greet you at Ankara or Kayseri airport. He will take you by minibus to your pension in the village of Çavuşin, which is located in the heart of Cappadocia.

          Day 2 : White Valley - Uçhisar - Göreme
          We depart in the morning from White Valley. During a 2 hours walk you will discover marvelous landscapes before arriving at Uçhisar. In this small town we'll visit the citadel that is situated in a rock piton. From the top of this fortress you will be able to view the surrounding eroded landscapes. Afterwards we descend to Pigeon Valley for a picnic. When everybody has spent enough time relaxing we'll walk through the valley to Göreme. After visiting Göreme village we head back to Çavuşin where the night is spent at the pension. (Total walking time is approximately 5 hours)

          Day 3 : Zindanönü Valley- Red Valley - Rose Valley
          After breakfast we will make our way through the valley of Zindanönü . Here you will be able to view numerous troglodyte churches and dwellings along the scenic route. We then continue on through the Red Valley , with it's various colors of rock, and Rose Valley before we arrive back at the pension in Çavuşin at the end of the afternoon. (Total walking time is approximately 5 hours)

          Day 4 : Çavuşin - Paşabağı - Zelve - Çavuşin
          In the morning we start out in the direction of Zelve. A small path will lead us to the curious fairy chimney rock-formations for which the region is so famous. We will then visit the Zelve Open Air Museum. This now deserted monastery complex that was inhabited until 1955, when falling rocks made the place too dangerous to continue living in. The complex is stretched out over three valleys and contains numerous chapels and medieval oratories many of which are decorated with carved crosses. We will stay in Zelve for lunch and then go back to the fairy chimneys of the Paşabağı. At the end of the afternoon you will have the opportunity to revitalize yourself at a Turkish bath (entrance fee not included). The night is spent at the pension in Çavuşin. (Total walking time is approximately 4 hours)

          Day 5 : Çavuşin - Underground city - Güzelyurt
          We will depart by minibus in the direction of Ihlara Valley in the morning. Along the way we will stop to visit an underground city, a crater lake and the village of Güzelyurt. The night will be spent camping.

          Day 6 : Ihlara
          The Ihlara Valley is situated in a canyon where the Melendiz River flows through. While walking through this valley you will be able to visit the troglodyte churches that have been dug out of the canyon walls and are decorated with frescoes. We will stop for lunch at a restaurant on the rivers edge in the village of B elisirma. The night is spent camping. (Total walking time is approximately 5 hours)

          Day 7 : Ihlara - Çavuşin
          We will return to Çavuşin by minibus. You will be free to spend the rest of the day as you wish. The night is spent at the pension.

          Day 8: Toros - Büyükçakır
          In the morning we leave by minibus for the Toros Mountains. The village of Yahyali will be visited on the way. At the end of the afternoon you will find yourself in the midst of the Toros range in the village of Büyükçakir. Here you will have diner and spend the night in the house of one of the local inhabitants. (Distance from Çavuşin to Büyükçadir is approximately 180 km - 4 hours by minibus)

          Day 9: Büyükçakir - Divriğ
          In the morning you will depart from the village of Büyükçakir and make your way on foot to the plains of Divrig. These plains, which are at an altitude of 2200 meters, are home to mountain nomads in the summer time. Here you will stop for a lunchtime picnic on a spot where you will be able to admire the various views of the valleys beneath. Afterwards the trek leads to the place where a campsite has been prepared for you to spend the night. (Total walking time is approximately 7 hours)

          Day 10: Divriğ - Kapuzbaşı
          For breakfast butter, honey and yoghurt will be served that have been made by the nomads. The days trek takes us to the village of Kapuzbasi (800 m). On the way we'll stop for a picnic. The night is spent in the village. (Total walking time is approximately 5 hours)

          Day 11: Esentepesi - Kapuzbaşı - Şelale
          The days trek will lead you through the forests close to Esentepesi. The trek leads to the enchanting waterfalls of Kapuzbasi, where you will have plenty of time to enjoy the scenery on the cool banks of the river. The night shall be spent in the village of Selale. (Total walking time is approximately 4 hours)

          Day 12: Aarmutçuk - Sarımsaklı - Şelale
          After breakfast at the side of the river we walk to Armutcuk and Sarimsakli, both of which are small peaks of the Toros Mountain range. The day will end with a camp fire and a barbecue by the waterfalls and the night will be spent in the village. (Total walking time is approximately 4 hours)

          Day 13: Çavuşin
          After breakfast you will head back to Cappadocia by minibus where you will stay at the pension in Çavuşin.

          Day 14: Departure
          Your guide will take you to Ankara airport by minibus.
          Additional information
Period: April until the end of September
Participants: Min. 6 - max 14 Persons, (max 4 people with a handicap and 2 porters per chair)
Circuit: easy level
Accommodation : 6 nights pension, 4 nights camping, 3 nights local house.
Note : the program of the first and last day may change according to the weather.
          What you must bring
* Walking shoes (preferably not too new to avoid blisters etc.)
* A second pair of comfortable shoes
* A small bag for the daytime treks
* A water bottle
* Sunglasses, suntan lotion and a hat
* Sleeping bag
* Warm clothing for in the evening
* A flashlight
* Toilet bag and towel
* Watertight coat
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